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Moccasin Bend National Archeological District
Moccasin Bend has distinct geographical attributes which have made it of strategic importance as a crossroads within the North American continent for more than 10,000 years. As a result, the Bend contains a unique array of contiguous prehistoric and historic sites which chronicle important aspects of human history.

Because of the extraordinary density, complexity and integrity of sites which include Native American villages, the remains of Civil War earthworks and other sites of national significance, approximately 755 acres, were designated in 2003 as the Moccasin Bend National Archeological District, a unit of the National Park System.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park is to support the National Park Service in the preservation, protection and interpretation of the cultural, historical and natural resources of the Moccasin Bend National Archeological District, thus ensuring the rigorous, permanent protection and security of the site. The Friends of Moccasin Bend will also actively partner with the National Park Service in the construction, maintenance and operations of an interpretive center.

Message from the Superintendent:

Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park is privileged to partner with the Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park in a collective effort to preserve the cultural and natural resources of the Moccasin Bend National Archeological District. I look forward to working with local governments and community partners in the coming years to develop and provide exceptional opportunities for visitors to access, understand, and appreciate Moccasin Bend’s rich and diverse history. With evidence of over 12,000 years of human occupation, overlaid by the Trail of Tears and Civil War artillery emplacements, and complemented by outstanding views of the Tennessee River and surrounding mountains, Moccasin Bend provides a unique experience for visitors to downtown Chattanooga.

We have much to look forward to as we continue our work with the Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park to construct a cultural/visitor center on Moccasin Bend. This new facility, along with other interpretive features to be located in the Archeological District, will allow the Park and Friends to showcase the history of this special place for the benefit of both the American public and international audiences.

     ~ Cathleen Cook

                                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS
Meg Beene
Becky Browder
Mike Costello
Mel Cooper
Tom Decosimo
Karen Diamond
Bob Doak

John Edwards III
Becky Gregory
Mike Mahn
Jay Mills
Troy Wayne Poteete
Mickey Robbins
Sally Robinson
Dan Saieed
Karen Stone
Rob Taylor
The Hon. Neil Thomas
Greg Vital
Larry Zehnder

Contact Us
Shelley Andrews, Executive Director
Friends of Moccasin Bend National Park
P.O. Box 4953
Chattanooga, TN 37405

Phone: 423-490-9170
Fax: 423-267-0611

Email: moccasinbendpark@gmail.com

Website: www.moccasinbendpark.org

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